When you cut into the present, the future leaks out.
William S. Burroughs

The Invisible Generation is an ongoing contemporary art project that appears in different guises in Beijing, Melbourne, Kiev and Shenzhen, inspired by a text by William S. Burroughs with the same title. The venues have been carefully selected due to their specific historical contexts and their perceived trajectories into the future. The project takes its starting point in performative traditions, but focuses on practices and events that cross over into other time-based activities, such as sound, film, video, literature, theatre and workshops. The project offers new situations for art and audience to meet outside of where one expects to meet an art piece or performance. The Invisible Generation allows the artists and audience to investigate how art can become a tool to shift our outlook at reality when it appears with an element of surprise.

Cities and dates

10-09-09 - 10-10-09

Bejing and Shenzhen
Starting from October and November 2009

March 2010

Info & Credits

The Invisible Generation is a project by William S. Burroughs filtered through time and Daniele Balit and Per Hüttner.

Projects by: Yan Jun / Mark Geffriaud / Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet / Natasha Rosling / Per Hüttner / Michael Yuen / John Phillips and Matt Hope / Hu Xiangqian / Nadège Maïon / Jean-François Robardet / Yang ZhiFei.

Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Satellite in Melbourne, Les Kurbas Centre in Kiev, Home Shop and CPU 798 in Beijing and OCAT in Shenzhen.

Main sponsor: Linköpings universitet

Supporting institutions: French Embassy in Australia, French Embassy in Kiev, The Embassy of Sweden in Peking, The Embassy of Sweden in Kiev, the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, The Consulate of Sweden in Guangzhou, Längmanska Kulturfonden in Stockholm and Linköpings Univesitet in Norrköping. A special thank you to FRAC Île-de-France.